What is One Tree Planted? Support the Mission with CleanAir

CleanAir aims to keep your indoor air quality clean and keep you healthy, but it’s much more difficult to keep outdoor air pollution from affecting your health.

Outdoor air pollution isn’t something we can ignore for long. Dallas is home to thousands, and residential areas are sandwiched in-between industrial zones, making a cleaner environment something we should not only strive for on a global scale, but also on a local scale.

You might already be recycling your plastic products, buying whole foods and participating in trash cleanup initiatives, but did you know you can also make a difference with your air filter?

That’s right!

CleanAir has partnered with One Tree Planted to help make the planet a better, cleaner place. You can now help plant trees and fight deforestation across the globe just by having your home’s air filter regularly delivered and installed.

So, what is One Tree Planted?

In this article, we will discuss what One Tree Planted is, its mission, and how your subscription to CleanAir helps plant trees and clean up the environment.

One Tree Planted: People for the Planet – A Non-Profit Partner

One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity dedicated to making the planet a better place. (1) The organization helps bring individuals together across the world to help protect our planet’s biodiversity, give back to the environment and create a healthier livable climate for us all.

How do they do it?

Well, by planting trees!

“As an environmental charity, we are dedicated to making it easier for individuals and businesses to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts around the world. All by planting trees!” – One Tree Planted


One Tree Planted is entirely funded by user donations and partnerships with businesses across the world, just like CleanAir. They pool their donations, grow the saplings, prepare the planting site, and plant the trees.

The group’s job doesn’t stop there, however. Volunteers with One Tree Planted also take time to maintain and care for the trees they are planted, ensuring they grow up healthy. Over time, these trees become a rich, biodiverse landscape, bringing wildlife back into deforested areas and helping improve the Earth’s overall climate.

How Many Trees Has One Tree Planted Planted?

With help from eco-conscious consumers like yourself, One Tree Planted has planted more than 15 million trees in just six years. That’s an incredible number of new plant life just from the power of community donations, and they’re on track to continue doubling the number of trees planted year over year.

How One Tree Planted Works

Now that we know what One Tree Planted is, how does it work?

The organization obtains some revenue for its tree-planting efforts through a store, where individuals can purchase everything from T-shirts to hoodies, greeting cards, and even tree-planting kits.

Most of the group’s revenue comes from partnerships with companies like CleanAir. This partnership doesn’t incur any additional fees or hidden charges on your end, but the company pledges to provide a portion of profits to the One Tree Planted organization.

Every dollar spent is a tree planted where it is needed most to help reforestation efforts. Volunteers plant trees in the rainy season to help ensure they grow, and they are monitored throughout their growth to maturity to ensure they make a difference in the local environment.

Out of every dollar, an estimated 10 cents go to preparing the site for planting. Sixty cents go to starting the saplings in their specialized nurseries. Fifteen cents go to covering volunteer transport, and the actual planting. The remaining 15 cents go to maintenance and monitoring of each sapling.  

Best of all?

One Tree Planted generates plant reports each year, showing you the impact you’ve helped make. In 2019, volunteers and consumers helped plant over 4 million trees across 18 countries. That is 30,765 hectares of restored forest just last year – and with your indoor air filter subscription, you helped make it happen.

So, let’s make 2020’s impact report even better together.

What Can Planting One Tree Do?

One Tree Planted sounds like a great charity, but you’re not convinced. What can planting a single tree actually accomplish?

“With help from eco-conscious consumers like yourself, One Tree Planted has been able to grow over 15,000,000 trees in just six years.” CleanAir

First, remember that you are not alone on this journey. You aren’t just planting one tree, you are helping plant a forest.

Forest regrowth is a key factor in cooling the planet and releasing oxygen back into the air. A mature tree can absorb an average of 50 pounds of carbon each year, reducing air pollution.

Young, open forests also begin attracting small wildlife like goldfinches that had once fled the area, and increase the local insect population, repairing the local ecosystem. As these trees grow taller and denser, they become old-growth forests with a strong canopy and more resources for the local wildlife. Over time, more wildlife will rejoin the ecosystem, giving these inhabitants a permanent home and reliable food sources; both of which are becoming scarcer due to global deforestation and fires. 

The effects of a strong, old-growth forest can be felt even in Dallas. With more trees, we stand a chance at fighting pollution and reversing the harmful effects of industrial output.  

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