CleanAir currently ships to Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, TX.

We plan on expanding our shipping to more cities in the future!



Did you order the wrong size? No worries! We always offer exchanges or free refunds within 30 days of your first delivery. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your shipment!

Refund Policy

After 30 days from your first delivery, CleanAir is not able to issue refunds for orders that have already processed. Refund requests must be made directly to CleanAir by contacting us here. Promptly following CleanAir's receipt of your refund request, if it is approved by our team, CleanAir will credit the approved amount paid for the product to the credit card you used to make the original purchase. In addition, CleanAir cannot control when or how a specific credit card company processes a chargeback transaction. You must reach out to your credit card company if you have questions about the status of the chargeback.